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Natural Wigs for Patients

For many cancer patients, hair loss is the most distressing and feared side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. If you don't want anybody to know you're losing your natural hair, wigs may be your answer.

If you have dealt with Alopecia or hair thinning, you've also experienced the fear of hair loss.


Ask Your Doctor

Not all treatments will cause hair loss, so discuss this possibility with your doctor. If there is a high probability you will lose some of your hair, get a prescription for a "hair prosthesis" from your insurance company (most cover wigs needed for medical purposes). Some insurance companies will pay for the cost of a wig so make sure you check with them before you have your consultation.

Call Your Hairstylist

When you book your appointment, let them know you are a cancer or alopecia patient.  We have a private place you can talk. At Niccola's Hair Salon, we dedicate two days a week to hair loss patients (Mondays and Fridays).  As the person who knows you, your hair and, most likely, other clients with cancer or alopecia, a hairdresser can be a great resource.  We bring you in for a FREE consultation and if you decide to purchase a wig, we  will cut and style your natural hair wig for you.  There is no charge for cut and styles for cancer patients.  Our mission is to make you feel better about yourself and to help you gain back your confidence during your treatments.



A wide range of factors will influence your choice of wigs.  We have chosen to supply natural hair wigs because we want our clients to feel and look natural. They can range anywhere from $300 to $5,000 but you can also perm, color, highlight and curl your hair as if it was your own.  They are worth the investment as they will last you for many years.

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